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Each of our sheepskin pelts comes from one of the lambs we have utilized for meat.  We prepare them with applications of kosher salt here at the farm and then they are shipped to WI for tanning using a non-toxic proprietary process, rendering them washable.  Once returned to the farm, each is handcarded to remove any tangles or residual vegetative matter in the fleece. 

They are unique in size; color; and fleece length, texture and fineness.  


Note: Sheepskins are not returnable or exchangeable.

White-Ivory Sheepskins

  • Description Dimensions SKU
    DSF Cross Finnsheep Ivory 9" Fleece 50"x37"x9" DSFSCFI9
    DSF Cross x Coopworth Ivory 48.5"x39.5"x2" DSFSCCoopIv
    DSF Cross White        45x"x31"x2.5"        DSFXWHITE
    DSF Merino X White     52"x37"x3"
    DSF Cross Merino 3/4 Pelt Extra Dense     36"x36"x4"
    DSF x Coopworth White 47"x37"x4.5" DSFXCWW
    DSF Crossbreed Ivory Large Dense Fleece 50”x35”x4.5” DSFSCXDI23



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