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Mint plants in the herb garden at Dashing Star Farm

Meat, Eggs, Fruit & Herbs

We strive to remain as locally grown and managed as possible.

Our livestock are raised with great attention to detail to the EU Bio Standard: free range and on rotated pastures, supplemented with appropriate blends of organic non-GMO whole grains grown locally in the Hudson Valley and custom milled in Hudson, NY, and hay forage from a neighboring farm. Our meat is free of antibiotics and growth hormones, and animals are handled and slaughtered humanely under USDA inspection in Terryville, CT, and Pine Plains, NY and with value-added products produced under USDA inspection in Litchfield, CT and LaGrangeville, NY. 

Perishable products are available at one of our retailers or at the farm, by appointment only.

 Bone-In Dashing Star Farm Lamb Loin Roast

Lamb Cuts

Rack roasts and chops, loin roasts and chops, gigot leg with shank, butterflied legs, bone-in legs, leg steaks, stew meat, shish-kabob chunks, shanks, ground meat, shoulder roasts and chops, breast/ribs, neck steaks, necks, tongues, livers, hearts, kidneys; come paper-wrapped.

Lamb Sausages, Nitrate-Free Bacon & Pastrami

A large herb garden on the property provides spice blends for our unique specialty lamb sausages (Barese, Chorizo, Kofta, Merguez, Peppered Breakfast, Rosemary-Garlic, Savory). Sausages and nitrate-free lamb bacon and lamb pastrami come cryovac-wrapped.


Our poultry is fully pastured year-round. Eggs from our laying hens and geese are collected and refrigerated several times daily and are cleaned in order to preserve the outer cuticle for maximum freshness. Occasionally, we also process cockerels under NYS inspection in Ancramdale, NY. 


Egg yolks are a deep orange color and all of our eggs are Grade AA and antibiotic and growth-hormone free. Their unique flavor is derived from their environment and their natural diet of outdoor flora and fauna, supplemented with locally grown organic and non-GMO grains produced and custom milled for us in Claverack, NY.

Our perishable products are available at one of our retailers or at the farm by appointment.

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