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White Sheepskin detail
Brown Rocking Sheep PRODUCTS Sheepskins
Hairpin legged stool with white shearling seat

Sheepskin & Pelt Products

We use a non-toxic tanning process.

Sheepskins are initially cured on-site with kosher salt before being sent to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a proprietary non-toxic tanning that renders the sheepskins washable when necessary. Each pelt is hand-carded and cleaned here at the farm to ensure a soft, tangle-free finished product.


Each sheepskin is unique, coming in a variety of sizes, natural colors, and fleece lengths. They are suitable for many uses, including as seat drapes, inserts for baby strollers and car seats, bed pads and rugs. They’re especially cozy in front of a fireplace, as wool is naturally flame retardant.

Natural Curl Ivory Sheepskin detail

Lambswool Dusting Wands

Lambswool is ideal for capturing dust; each individual fiber has microscopic scales which, in addition to having pockets that naturally trap and hold dust particles, also have a protective epicuticle film, making wool non-abrasive. Each wool duster is hand-made at our farm using a lamb pelt, hardwood dowel and leather cord for hanging up.

Sheepskin Stools & Footstools

All sheepskin stools are built by hand here at the farm using soft and hardwood pieces, natural foam padding and our own sheepskins.

Sheepskin Throw Pillows

Covers for these sheepskin throw pillows are sewn with a soft sheepskin front with a 100% wool vintage fabric back and throw pillow insert containing 100% wool batting. Pillow covers are removable for cleaning.

Sheepskin Stool with Hairpin Legs and Silver Fleece Seat

Sheepskins and pelt products are not returnable or exchangeable.

Brown Sheepskin Throw Pillows
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