Located on the historic Stephen D. Wheeler Farmstead in the heart of the Coleman Station Historic District (listed on the National Register of Historic Places, 1993), Dashing Star Farm is a family run enterprise.
The historic Wheeler Farm began as a diversified operation in the eighteenth century.  It transitioned to dairy farming with the advent of the NY & Harlem Railroad and then, under the new ownership of the Rundle Family, gradually shifted to sheep production.  At the onset of our tenure, the farm was being utilized for heifers from a neighboring dairy farm. The farm infrastructure dates to 1820 (residence) and 1840 (barn) and 1925 (barn complex).  We rehabilitated the barn and barn complex structures with the support of the NYS Historic Barns program in 2005. 
Dashing Star Farm Original Flock - Jay C
My own background as a geology and math major and further education in MBA and MPA programs has provided the diverse skill set I bring to farming.  Several years of work experience at US EPA solidified my interest in environmental sustainability.  It was also my great honor to earn a LEAD NY certificate from Cornell University in 2008. That experience provided me with a wealth of knowledge about other sectors of agriculture. Dashing Star Farm is a business and an agricultural operation firmly based in science.  As we adapt to the climate change crisis, continuing education becomes even more important.  In so doing, we are also dedicated to mentoring the next generation of agricultural professionals.

We began our operation with laying hens and geese and (accidently) sheep.  Starting in earnest in 1994, we developed our own unique cross breed of sheep (mainly using the English Romney and Border Leicester breeds), selecting for a distinct palette of natural colors and wool characteristics, while still producing a true multi-purpose animal.  


Adding Columbia, Corriedale, Dorset, Southdown, and Romanov breeds enhanced our flock characteristics.  


The introduction of pure-bred Coopworth sheep, developed originally in New Zealand, and Finnsheep, known for the tenderest of meat, to our program in 2006 dramatically improved our flock.

Our naturally raised pastured hens afford us a rainbow of egg colors.  They include the following breeds: Auracana, Buff Orpington, Barred Rock, Ancona, Cuckoo Maran, Pearl Leghorn, Rose-comb and Single-comb Brown Leghorn New Hampshire Red, Red Star, True Blue Whiting and True Green Whiting. 

Our geese are of the Toulouse breed. All of our livestock are raised to the EU Bio Standard, free-ranged on rotated pasture.  We supplement them with appropriate blends of locally grown whole grains and hay forage from a neighboring farm.

We maintain a large herb garden, in order to have ingredients for our specialty lamb sausages and also offer some for sale.  There all also several late season peach trees on the property, from which we harvest organic fruit.