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Placemats, Potholders & Napkins

Set your table with our placemats (reversible toile, ticking or other coordinate fabric, 100% US cotton). Insulating potholders (toile or ticking fabric, 100% US cotton), are filled with our own natural wool batting to provide a flame retardant and burn-preventing way to handle hot kitchen pans, platters and bakeware. Placemats and potholders are hand washable, and air dryable. Our dinner sized or cocktail sized napkins are sewn from whimsical 100% US cotton farm-themed prints and are machine washable and dryable.

Wool Felt Coasters & Pan Protectors

Coasters and pan protectors are handmade with 100% wool felt with cotton thread trim. Coasters are approximately 4" in diameter and come in sets of four. Naturally absorbent, they protect table surfaces without sticking to glassware. Pan protectors come as a set of three separators for stacking pots and pans to prevent scratching of cooking surfaces, and individual sizes are also available.

Felted Wool Trivets

Felted trivets are handmade at our farm using half-inch thick wool felt backed with natural cork.  They’re perfect for hot pots and casseroles to protect tables and countertops. We also produce needle-felting/ironing felt pieces in several sizes to be utilized by home crafters.


Custom milled bowls and cutting boards are handmade for us by local artisan woodworkers using wood from our farm. Each hand made item is unique and all are treated only with food grade mineral oil, retaining the natural exquisite color and grain patterns of the native timber.

Pet Futons

Each wool pet futon is made at our farm using multiple layers of our own wool batting in a 100% US organic cotton canvas fabric cover. Our pet futons provide an ideal sleeping surface for your pet, offering them the same health benefits of our wool bedding products for humans. As with other wool bedding products, the wool components of our pet futons are not washable, but the cotton canvas cover can be surface cleaned. Futon covers are made to fit our pet futons and are machine washable and can be either machine dried on a low heat setting or line dried. Pet futons and covers are not returnable or exchangeable.

Felted Wool Cat Toys & Dog Rope Toys

A favorite of our own cats, our small 100% felted wool balls are infused with natural catmint oil. All are handmade at our farm, using our own natural wool roving. These will provide hours of entertainment for your favorite feline. Made from completely non-toxic materials, available in sets of three. Warning: may result in some level of kitty drunkenness—moderation advised!  The rope toys for dogs are constructed here at the farm with an antique rope making tool using 100% US organic cotton yarns. They are made in multiple sizes appropriate for puppies to large dogs. Cat and dog toys are not returnable or exchangeable.

Felted Wool Dryer Balls

A sustainable alternative to disposable dryer sheets. Fabric softener doesn't actually "soften" clothes—it coats them with chemicals, giving them a slick or oily feel that damages fabrics over time. Handmade here at our farm from our own naturally processed wool roving, using three of these felted wool dryer balls in your dryer will reduce drying time by 20 to 30%, while also reducing static and wrinkles, softening clothes without breaking down fabrics. Dryer Balls are not returnable or exchangeable.

Upcycled Tote Bags

Our hobby-farmer friends provide us with their emptied commercial feed bags to upcycle. All tote bags are sewn at our farm and are sturdily constructed to handle heavy loads of groceries and books. Our assortment changes regularly. All bags are fully washable by hand or garden hose.

Felted Wool Tech Cases

Sewn from 100% naturally processed wool felt, these sleeves store and protect your electronic devices from bumps, dents and scratches. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate many versions of cell phones, tablets and laptops. Cases can also be custom sized by special order. The design embellishment is needle felted by hand. Cases are hand washable (air-dry only). The natural moisture wicking property of wool is ideal for this use!

Carpenter Bee Traps

We construct these traps using upcycled leftover materials and jars here at the farm.  Instructions for use and preparing infested areas are included. The traps are deliberately made with raw unstained and untreated wood, metal and glass to avoid deterring the bees.

Aqua Toile and Ticking Placemats
Wool Felt Pan Protectors
Handcrafted Wood Serving Bowls
Pet Futon with Sleeping Border Collie
Upcycled tote bags from Livestock Feed Bags
Dashing Star Farm Wool Felt Tech Cases
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