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Wool Bed Pillows
Each pillow is constructed at our farm using multiple layers of our own wool batting in a 100% US cotton ticking fabric cover. Pillows are available in six sizes  and four firmnesses. Our pillows provide an ideal sleeping surface, as the wool interior is naturally moisture wicking, temperature moderating, flame retardant and resistant to dust mites. We recommend using a pillow protector and pillow case on your pillow at all times. Our bed pillows are NOT washable, but the ticking cover can be carefully surface cleaned. Regenerate your pillow by simply airing it outdoors in the sun periodically. Note: Bed Pillows are not returnable or exchangeable.
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Mattress Pads and Comforters
Mattress Pads and Comforters are constructed using our wool bedding at our MI woolen mill, where the batting moves directly from the room-sized carding machine to the sewing center.
All are covered in 100% US organic cotton muslin fabric with yarn hand ties to hold the wool in place. The mattress pads also have elastic added at the corners to keep from shifting. Mattress Pads are approximately 3.5“ thick, Comforters approximately 2.5“ thick and are offered in five sizes. They can also be custom sized by special order. Our Mattress Pads and Comforters are NOT washable at home, but should be periodically aired outdoors in sunshine or air fluffed in a dryer.
Arrangements can be made for laundering at the mill if necessary. Note: Mattress Pads and Comforters are not returnable or exchangeable.
Our blankets are produced with yarns from our wool as warp and weft. Our own designs are handcrafted by artisanal weaver Peggy Hart on her antique looms in Shelburne Falls, MA.
Warm, soft and suitable for use as throws or bedding, our blankets can be hand washed and line dried (or dry cleaned using non-VOC solvents).
Sizes include throw (4’ x 6’) and stroller throw (2’ x 3’); the latter being the perfect little blanket for snuggling your child in a pram, stroller or car seat for natural warmth. Note: Blankets are not returnable or exchangeable.
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Woolen Throw Pillows and Decorative Shams
Throw pillows are of medium-soft firmness and are constructed here at our farm using our own wool batting in a 100% US organic cotton muslin cover.
Pillows are NOT washable and should be aired periodically outdoors in sunshine.
Our shams are also sewn here and are fully machine washable and dryable, using 100% US cotton fabrics. Premium throw pillows use heavier upholstery weight fabrics and have zippers to remove for cleaning. Note: Throw pillows and shams are not returnable or exchangeable.