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Assorted Dashing Star Farm Wool Yarn Skeins
Wool Thrown Pillows with Handknit Wool Covers
Dashing Star Farm Wool Roving

Yarn, Handknits & Processed Wool

No chemicals, detergents or additives are utilized in the processing of our wool.


Our naturally colored yarn comes from wool shorn straight from our own sheep. After shearing day, we pick through our fibers to select the finest and softest portions of each fleece, cleaning as we go. We create specific color blends and textures by combining the fleeces of different sheep. We have had our wool washed, picked, carded and spun at mills in Michigan and New York to various weights, plys, gauges and yardages.


We knit and crochet a few apparel items, pillow covers and blankets using our yarns to provide inspiration to our yarn customers. These are one of a kind items and make exceptional gifts. Finished garments made with our yarns can be softened by adding a little lemon juice or white vinegar to the water used for blocking.

Processed Wool

Naturally colored wool roving and batting is available in limited quantities for home crafters. 

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