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We build our stools and footstools with a soft or hardwood seat, a variety of soft and hardwood legs with natural foam padding underlying a hand-carded portion of one of our own naturally tanned pelts.  They are made in a variety of heights and seat widths and have three or four legs.  Each is unique.  


Note: Sheepskin stools and footstools are not returnable or exchangeable.

White Sheepskin Stools

  • Description Dimensions SKU
    DSF White 20" Stool - wide seat 21"21"x22" DSFWSSSW20
    DSF White 20" Hairpin Stool 16"x16"x21" DSFSSSHPW20
    DSF White 24" Hairpin Stool 24"x25"x5.5" DSFWSSW23
    DSF White 23" Wooden Stool 23"x24"x4" DSFSSWWL23
    DSF White 22" Border Leicester four hardwood legs 22"x24"x4.5" DSFSSWBL23





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