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We construct these luxurious pillows using multiple sculpted layers of our own natural wool batting in a 100% US cotton ticking fabric cover. These provide an ideal sleeping surface, as the wool interior is naturally moisture-wicking, temperature moderating, flame retardant, and resistant to dust mites. A cotton pillow protector and pillowcase are recommended for use on your pillow at all times. (See our 100% Cotton Pillowcases, designed to fit our smaller sized pillows perfectly. Wool bed pillows are NOT washable, but the ticking cover can be carefully surface cleaned. It is important to regenerate your pillow by simply airing it outdoors in the sun periodically (UV rays also serve to sanitize the fabric surface).

 Custom sizes are available by special order (contact us at


Note: Wool Bed Pillows are not returnable or exchangeable. Travel

King Bed Pillows

  • King Soft                      


    King Medium


    King Firm


    King Extra Firm             

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